Empire Falling

Elenwyth, the great Elven empire of the East, is fading away into the annals of time. The Drow have crept forth from their cities of shadow, and the Council of Three has gone into hiding, avoiding the death they know is all too near.

As the fiends of the Deep Dark come to the surface to claim their new land, chaos spreads across the once peaceful empire. The evils once repressed by the might of Elenwyth have risen to power, using their unscrupulous tactics and lack of morals to gain favour among the unwanted.

You are treasure seekers, opportunists, and remnants of the once great empire. Whether you quest to save the innocent who still attempt to hold their ground in the countryside, or intend to nab whatever loot you can before it is all snatched up by the greed of the rising evil, you will fight against these new forces of darkness, and save the land from despair.

Shades of Elenwyth (The Western Wars)

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